lunedì 28 febbraio 2011

A visit to the Museo Madre

Its publicity material says of the Museo Madre that it is the only contemporary art museum in the centre of any city. We enjoyed our visit to the museum today. Lively, interesting, especially interesting to need to look at not quite impressive seeming works and put them in the context of being 30 years old and saying "oh yes, how original that was then..."

We were advised that we could take photos of the structure but not of the works. The structure is itself a great work of art. We fudged only slightly. Here is the result in a little film. You may need to turn down the sound on this, still learning how to get sound levels right.. this soundtrack recorded while we lunched in the  cafe of the museum. Contemporary cutlery grunge lyrical?

Reflecting later, we were conscious that there seemed many things missing from the museum, in what might be 'contemporary' beginning not least with the graffiti art with which Naples abounds. We commented on this to someone without connection with the museum; the reply was that this museum project had been pushed and funded by a group of politicians who particularly wanted to favour artists of their own circle. Those politicians were now out of power and this museum thus had had its funds cut. To deal with this cut in funding the museum now opens only in the mornings. Hence the problem also for staff whose hours and shifts have been halved.

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