martedì 5 aprile 2011

art around abounds

There seems an instinct to race from museum to museum in Rome, but there is breathtaking beauty and art everywhere, which we are pleased to slow down and see. You will also see in these photos our affection for the city, the romance of the city. You will understand why Helen in particular does not want to leave... (alas bloggerisation robs photos of some quality)

(I note as we prepare for travel to Rome again in 2018 that the imprint of Rome on us is undiminished)

Here is a glorious ornament on a bridge

and here is another glorious ornament, same bridge

and here is a view of the bank below, 
tree shade and cobblestones
— the river racing after rains

here is glorious lunchtime use of the steps 
of the Chiesa Nuova (New Church), 
in the piazza at our bus stop.
The church was new when it replaced the old church in 1575

Here is part of the  very short walk from the Chiesa Nuova to home

Here is an anonymous wall such as one passes often

Not far from home, 
a small shop window contained these objects, 
rendered more mysterious with reflections

Here was the wall we faced 
when having coffee in Trastevere the other day

Here is the notice of a restaurant, in Cerveteri
that its weekly rest day is Tuesday

not only does she not want to leave 
she becomes a becoming part of the landscape

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