domenica 20 marzo 2011


Mussolini planned an "Espozizione Universale a Roma" [EUR] for 1942, but World War 2 got in the way. Wikipedia has some history.

The beginnings of the site, part of it later developed further for the 1960s, is the core of the present centre of EUR, a satellite city southwest of the centre of Rome. It is distinguished by extraordinary architecture of the art-nouveau/Fascist era, but also by some remarkable modern architecture from the post-war period. Two photos of major statuary at EUR are in the preceding blog entry featuring Helen and naked men, here are some more photos taken in EUR Friday.

The inscription at the top of this focal building expresses ideals which were tragically tainted by the violence of the Fascist regime and violence imposed on its opponents. The inscription reads:

A people of poets of artists of heroes
of saints of thinkers of scientist
of navigators and migrants

This is the scale of this extraordinary building

This an astounding figure in the median strip of Via Cristoforo Colombo

... to see the scale of the above, see the bird in the detail below...

and this is a fraction of a postwar architectural marvel

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