sabato 12 marzo 2011

Rome - our bar (cafe), our street, our place

We have settled into a little routine. It's nice to have a place where we become regulars and are treated with warmth on return. 'Cantina e Cucina' is the name of the bar.

The price of this mid-morning delight: for two Illy coffees, minimal water, wonderful coffee, Helen's small croissant with chocolate [cornettino con cioccolato], Dennis's 'girella' - and served with complimentary mineral water.

Coffee 80c x2
Eats: 60 and 70
Total; Euros 2.90, say $Aust 4.40.

Down below also photo of our street, coming from that direction, last night. There is a wildly busy (Friday night especially) section of the street coming from Piazza Navona, then 50 metres before our place, quiet.

Then photos of our entrance. Andrea Marchi, our bright young landlord, has made two delightful little apartments from two old workshops*** inside the courtyard of this 'palazzo'. (A palazzo is not a grand thing, just a big building. This one maybe 600 years old.)
*** I later realised we were in the stalle – the stables – of the old offices of the government of Rome, before it moved out, in 1755, just 180 years after they built the Chiesa Nuova - the new church, around the corner, main big door just along the street a bit. And behind Borromini's Oratorio, it's a crowded place. 

the constant queue is outside the Baffetta pizzeria, which must get a mention in the Rough Guide, etc

entrance photo below: separated garbage, compost, recycling collected every day

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