martedì 15 marzo 2011

The Ides of March

Today being the Ides of March...

...we will proceed to the bus stop outside the Senate, 100 metres from the site of Pompey's theatre (ironically sort of under the present parliament's lower house which is desperately seeking new leadership) where Caesar was murdered on this day, take the bus to the station and the train to Tivoli.

Here, another historical note, is a photo panorama from the Janiculine Hill, where the Roman Republic of 1849 held out for months against French forces invited by the Pope to reclaim the city. Yesterday someone was holding a press conference at Garibaldi's feet to claim some political mileage.

Big things tomorrow to celebrate 150 years from the completion of Savoy's occupation of Italy and beginning of the Italian kingdom.

Glorious statue of Anita Garibaldi (dark weather yesterday)

'Conferenza Stampa' - press conference - at the feet of Garibaldi yesterday

and panorama - St Peters out of sight to the left, this view first over Trastevere (trans-Tiber) then the Tiber (Tevere) - a line of wintering trees, then largely of the Field of Mars - Campo Marzo, where we have our apartment, with Rome's original seven hills beyond (not as far away as this stitched image from iPhone pictures suggests)

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