domenica 20 marzo 2011

Saturday to the Villa Borghese

Blissfully unaware that international war had been added to civil war in the next country to the south, we joined families in the Villa Borghese on Saturday...

It was also to be dog-photo-day, beginning with this extraordinary dog-man hand-holding relationship in Piazza Barberini. Bernini's Triton fountain in the background. They held hands long enough for me to get out the camera and take the shot from crowded bus...

It is spring and in the Villa Borghese the grass is green and tiny daisies in bloom, 
this photo from knee height.

An exceptionally lovely morning by the lake

Lots of families in leg-powered vehicles, also a few of these up-market travellers

This photo of boy and dog perhaps captures best the atmosphere of freedom and fresh air

while these photos of an old man (older than I am) seems to call for a novella to be written;
there were in fact quite a number of older single men, in suits or jackets, 
airing themselves alone, 
 within their lifetimes the world has undergone so many upheavals and revolutions

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