martedì 15 febbraio 2011

the choice to saunter

Ortigia is such a luscious and interesting and small place. Though from across the bridge and off beyond the station, major major walk away, the 15,000 seat Greek theatre beckons. As do so many other things wave and invite. Around the corner, less than 100 metres away, the Palazzo Bellomo invites us in, to see the regional museum of contemporary and medieval art.

But no, we pitched for a saunter and the sun, going 250 metres to the promontory at mouth of the Porto Grande, to visit the Castello Maniace. Photos of geometrical and architectural form, in the main. See how sunny. We had our wonderings about walking in the footsteps of Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery, or...

On the way home for siesta, we chose an extraordinary place to eat, owned by he who turned out to be the sculptor with his studio below us here. Wonderful food in imaginative setting.

This photo below shows very elegant and clever modern drainage - these in terracotta but the same unit construction different scale used for example to carry waste to the ground from multilevel building works

and here to enter the restaurant, carved waiter holding embroidered menus

wattle is in bloom

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