venerdì 11 febbraio 2011


Eccoci, a Siracusa, finalemente, recuperandoci dopo uno lungo viaggio. Here we are at last, recovering after a long trip. Il nostro apartamento our apartment a via Roma 152, Ortigia, Siracusa, is a few doors from the sea and the most wonderful 8am sitting place.

Siamo fuori a quest'ora della nostra prima mattina perche il mercato a Ortigia si apri alle 7 ogni giorno.
We are out at this early hour on our first morning because the market in Ortigia opens at 7 every day.
Raggiungere il mercato abbiamo usato il Lungomare. Qui, di sotto - le scale? Archimede le ha usato? 

Here we look back at the peninsula forming the mouth of the harbour on the other side, a small harbour in which 2425 years ago, Siracusa destroyed the armed might of Athens in a battle involving 162 triremes.

There are some modern decorations along the way, variation from the dominant Baroque this quarter of the city.

We were able to buy the utterly fresh at the market.

and have a tableload of food at home

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