lunedì 7 febbraio 2011

on board Amtrak Cascades

Very brief note!

It is 7.50am and we have left Seattle on time at 7.40 on the Amtrak Cascades. After overcast days without distant view we have a clear sky to travel north to Vancouver, four hours. Very comfortable. With 'coach' class coming south on the bus and business class going north, a total of $US140 for two, round trip Vancouver-Seattle.

So we have, as expected, water to our left and mountains (when we emerge from hills of housing) to the right. But the unexpected is that across the sound on our left we see snow capped pointy mountains on the land strip between Salish Sea (which everyone speaks of as 'the sound') and the Pacific.

Now to put down the computer and look outside, listening to Helen's morning Italian language class: "No non e qui," "Si, e qui."  "No, non c'e" Si, c'e." eccetera eccetera.

We had a great time with Liz and Mike, including abundant relaxation and delighted entertainment, watching season 1 of Pushing Up Daisies and the Czech surrealist icon Lemonade Joe (when not dozing, that is). 224 Pontius Ave North is in a delightful area, surrounded by places to walk day and night, eateries of different kinds. Across the road from the apartment building is the astounding 'flagship' store of REI, with its great rock climbing walls, its waterfalls, its tracks for trying boots or bikes. Some pics of this and other bits of Seattle at Mike Murphy's postcards.

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