domenica 6 febbraio 2011

Tips for arriving Seattle via Vancouver

We arrived in Seattle via Vancouver on Thursday. A very pleasant way to arrive from Sydney, with departure at 12.15pm and arrival 07.40am the same calendar day. A 777 aircraft (Air Canada) smaller than most going to LA etc, seat pattern 3+3+3 so easy to get out (and we had a middle three to ourselves). A single flight leg of 14 hours.

We had done some research in advance on how to get the 200km from Vancouver airport to Seattle but information seemed elusive though no difficulty finding it today, of course! At one point we booked, then unbooked, a car rental for the weekend. We made the right decision. It was wet and messy with traffic on the roads coming south. We booked with Amtrak, coach south, Amtrak Cascades going back north tomorrow. At the airport when we asked where we should take the metro train to to catch Amtrak this seemed a puzzling question for an information lady, who pointed out that coaches run direct from Vancouver airport to Seattle, a shorter distance than from Vancouver to Seattle. We would not have needed to book. Nonetheless, we would not have seen anything of Vancouver had we done that and though in the rain we did not see all that much Thursday, we hope to have a good first view of the city tomorrow.

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